Unlock a Healthier & Happier Self using Neuroscience

Read about some of the lesser-known fitness and health practices to emerge stronger.


Biohacking isn’t just a new trend; it’s a complete lifestyle, a mindset, the Art of taking simple & natural steps to improve your health and life.

Making small but incremental adjustments that then impact how you look, think, perform, and feel. Learn how you can influence your body’s biology to unleash your best version combining Neuroscience,  Biohacks and Fitness tips.


Boosting life expectancy can be done by anyone following some simple habits

Enhancing and optimizing human performance leads to longevity.

Ageing is as daunting as it is natural. Learn how you can continue to optimize your body’s performance with anti-aging techniques and practices to achieve happiness, fulfillment, and longevity. Your nutrition plays a bigger role than you think!


Learn about the unique form of exercise that involves a variety of movements from large muscle groups to improve your body strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. Involving minimal exercise equipment callisthenics uses your body weight for resistance and provides similar benefits as those offered through aerobic or isometric exercises.

You can only improve your physical performance if you have the knowledge and tools to maximize your potential. Train your body and your brain with Neuroscience Calisthenics, and enhance your physical performance by nourishing your mind.

About Jean Fallacara

Jean Fallacara has over 20 years of combined experience in technology products, neuroscience, strategic planning, investment management, and marketing. He’s an entrepreneur, a public speaker, a scientist, an engineer, and an athlete; and has also authored books on fitness and health based on his learning.


Penning his thoughts and experiences for all to learn from, Jean has authored the renowned book Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock. He currently has another book underway.


Jean has been actively involved in sports and athletic events over the years. Jean started as an athlete from an early age. He started rock climbing and speleology and progressed to becoming a 10K runner. Jean also engaged in tennis, basketball, and pursued MuyThai at age 19. He was in kickboxing by age 20.


Jean has over 20 years of experience in the tech and fitness industry. He has been working as an experienced executive focused on technology products for the science business. Fallacara has founded and led many science-technology companies.

Jean is also the Founder CEO at Z-SCI Corporation which is headquartered in Westmount and has been listed as one of the 300 most SMEs. He’s also the Founder CEO of Cyborggainz.

Personalised Workout Programs

The mind training and custom diet plans offered by Jean Fallacara are customised as per individual client consultations for maximum optimization.

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Once you sign up for our programs, you’ll see quick results using the transformation techniques Jean Fallacara has to offer.

Expansive Knowledge Bank

Both the workout programs and the books offered by Jean Fallacara provide a plethora of knowledge on the art of callisthenics and biohacking.